TRASOL WAS DEVELOPED for precision shooters who desire first round hit accuracy to 1500 meters and beyond. By developing new ballistic algorithms that reshape predictive flight cureves to align with Doppler radar data, TRASOL provides the most accurate predictions

TRASOL has been completely rebuilt from the ground up into TRASOL 2.0 for iOS with many new features and improvements. We focused heavily on improving greater stability and preformance to meet the needs of its users, while improving the current UI by allowing faster data input. Users who already own version 1.0 are eligible to upgrade to the new version for FREE!

P.S. We haven't forgotton about our Android users and we are working toward an update for you guys too! Click HERE to go to our Android Page.


Trasol 2.0 - Profile Sync Trasol 2.0 - Sign In
Increased stability and performance and automatic cloud backups and reliable cloud syncing. As well as data migration from 1.0 to 2.0
Trasol 2.0 is now customizable with Light, Dark, and Black Themes.
Trasol 2.0 - Settings Dark Trasol 2.0 - Settings Light
Trasol 2.0 is now customizable with Light, Dark, and Black Themes.
Trasol 2.0 - Tutorial Solution
Trasol 2.0 now comes with NEW user tutorials.
Quick and easy input fields and descriptions.
Trasol 2.0 - Wind Trasol 2.0 - Range
Quick and easy input fields and descriptions.
Trasol 2.0 - Free Trial
A FREE trial is now available to all iOS users.
  • TRASOL 2.0 now allows for range up to 5000 yards (4572m)
  • More reliable trajectory solution
  • Turret Calibration
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Compatible on iPad and iPhone X
  • Faster/more reliable trajectory solution
  • And much more...

There is genius in simplicity. TRASOL is the first ballistic application to incorporate Heads-Up Display technology.

By using your iPhone's or iPad's built-in camera and onboard sensors, TRASOL allows users to point their device at their target and automatically generate absolute accuracy solutions.

The HUD environment has highly intuitive drag and drop tools for quick input of Range and Wind and the device's sensors do the rest. The HUD also allows tracking of moving targets to provide very accurate lead solutions.

Lastly, the photo/video capturing capability allows you to log your shots easily and share them with your friends.

New enhancements to our HUD include:
  • Less "Clutter" on the HUD display.
  • Now comes with 'fine' range adjustment.
  • Now functional in portrait mode.
Trasol 2.0 HUD
Trasol 2.0 Vs Competition
TRASOL proprietary algorithms make it the most accurate ballistic calculator, negating the need to alter manufacturers bullet data.
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